On June 13, 2017, the City of Los Angeles released its new Hollywood Community Plan (“Plan”) draft. The current plan dates back to 1988. In 2012, the City adopted an update to the community plan that was subsequently litigated and then rescinded by a Superior Court ruling. Thus, for the last several years, the City has used the 1988 community plan to guide land use decisions in Hollywood while adjusting to modern development trends in the area.

Now, the City has taken a major step to synchronize its long-range planning document for Hollywood with the current realities of growth, development, and community desires. In essence, the Plan embodies the City’s goals to cluster density near major public transit nodes and along transit corridors. These efforts attempt to simultaneously reduce vehicle miles traveled, accommodate population dynamics, enhance the pedestrian realm, and balance development patterns with community continuity

Sheppard Mullin will continue to monitor the City’s environmental review process to adopt the Plan and we are available anytime to discuss with you how it could affect your land or development projects in Hollywood.

The draft Hollywood Community Plan can be found on the City’s project website.

*Reuben Duarte is a Land Use Planner with Sheppard Mullin.